Under this program, ANERT had distributed the following:
Solar PV devices like solar lantern (64000)
Solar home lighting systems (7900)
Solar street lighting systems (712)
Solar TV power pack (150)
Solar water pumping systems (deep & shallow well)
Solar fencing energisers (10)
Solar vaccine refrigeratior (10)
Solar fishermen pack (25)
SPV demo kits for schools (350)
PV insect light traps(4)
PV rubber tapper's light(120)
PV modules of 35,70 and 90W (7500) etc.

Though only a few devices have MNRE subsidy, all the above devices were distributed to the public with a subsidy component utilising ANERT funds.

Currently off-grid and grid-tied solar photovoltaic power plants are also being promoted in a big way.

Benificiaries of Solar Rooftop Programme(2017-18)

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