Government organisations are huge consumers of energy. The energy consumption happens mainly in the form of electricity and fuel for transportation.  ANERT implements two programmes to reduce carbon footprint of Government organisations:

1. E-Mobility for promoting the use of electric vehicles in Government organisations 

2. Solar power plants in government buildings 

These projects are expected to bring down the carbon footprint and gradually make the functioning of government organisations carbon neutral.  Brief details of the programmes are given below.


Keeping in the view of policy of the Electric Vehicles of Govt of Kerala that by 2022, 10 Lakh fleets in Kerala will be electrical for the reason of its being environmental friendly, cost effective and substitute for fossil fuels. State Government Departments are encouraged to switch over to electrical Mobility from Petrol or Diesel cars in respect of vehicles taken on lease/ hire for official purpose.                            

Electric Vehicles (EV) or e-mobility is another step forward. Kerala, known for its environmental sensitiveness, biodiversity and tourist attractions wishes to maintain its texture and ensure a sustainable development for its people. The transition to electric vehicles is a natural choice for the state in line with its development ethos.

As per the FAME INDIA Scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) of Government of India and the approval of Electric Vehicle policy of Government of Kerala, ANERT is planning to introduce E Vehicles and charging stations all over Kerala.

For this purpose, ANERT is introduced a new scheme for providing electric vehicles to Government Departments on Lease/ Hiring.






The Government of Kerala has issued orders [G.O. (Rt) No. 87/2020/Power] asking all the Government departments to explore the possibility of installing solar plants in their buildings. ANERT has been entrusted the responsibility of aggregating the demand of such electricity requirements from various departments coming under Government building category.



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