BuyMySun is an electronic market place developed by ANERT. The services are available only through Internet to anyone desiring to procure or install a renewable energy system in Kerala. The products of empanelled vendors/agents of ANERT who supply and install renewable energy systems are listed here.

  •  SouraVeedhi (available on iOS and Android)

Anert has launched a mobile app (SouraVeedhi) the first ever renewable energy census campaign in the country. SouraVeedhi mobile app has been developed for people engaged in various activities related to renewable energy programmes in Kerala

m-ANERT is the internal/restricted mobile app by Anert. Used by  authorized vendor person for feasibility and installation reporting. Anert officials use this app for verification and commissioning of products.

eOffice is a web application enabling the Government to automate the entire work flow of file processing starting from Tapal creation, File Creation, File processing and issuing orders from the file.