Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are a mechanism for incentivicing producers of electricity from renewable energy sources.  The relevant regulations have been put in place by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC).  Producers (minimum capacity 250 kW) who have a metered facility, and enjoy no concessions or benefits, can apply for accreditation with the state agency. Once they are accredited, they can register with the national agency -- National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC). The registered generators can then obtain RECs for each MWh of electricity generation. The energy generation details are provided to the national agency by the State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC).  The entire processing, from application, accreditation, registration, to uploading of energy generation details, is handled online with the software available at the website of REC Registry -

ANERT is the state agency in Kerala for accrediting power generators from renewable energy sources under the Renewable Energy Certificate mechanism.

The summary of applications received by ANERT for accreditation are as follows:

S/N Name of Generator Project and Capacity Accreditation Status Registration status Remarks
1. INDSIL HYDROPOWER AND MANGANESE LTD. Kuthungal Phase I & Phase II Small Hydro Project -
21 MW
Registered from 16-Jan-2012,
till 15-Jan-2017
Became ineligible for REC from 31-Mar-2016, as per the 4th amendment regulation
2. PHILLIPS CARBON BLACK Brahmapuram, Karimughal - Co-generation Captive Power Plant -
10 MW
Kept pending on request of Generator -- --
3. SREE SAKTHI PAPER MILLS LIMITED Aluva - Biomass with less than 15% fossil fuel -
2.2 MW
Accredited from 16-Nov-2012 Registered from 12-Dec-2012 Not functional
4. VIYYAT POWER Iruttukanam Small Hydel Power Station -
4.5 MW
Not accredited -- --
5. HINDALCO INDUSTRIES Ltd. Alupuram Works, Kalamassery; Solar CGP -
1 MW
Accredited from 25-Jun-2016 Registered from 29-Jun-2016 --

The summary of accredited and registered RE generators are also listed on the REC Registry India website.

The summary of accredited and registered RE generators are also listed on the REC Registry India website.

The RECs can be bought and sold  on any of the power exchanges of India. Currently there are three power exchanges in India:


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