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The State of Kerala is blessed with abundant Bio Energy Resources that could be effectively utilised for Biogas generation through biomethanation route using degradable waste materials as well as for Power generation or Thermal application by Producer Gas through gasification route. The geographical features of the State with almost uniform distribution of rain and water availability makes it suitable for formulating a Biomass regeneration programme integrated to the Bioenergy utilisation Programme aimed at enhancement of energy availability in the State. The Bio energy projects for Biogas generation are viewed, as a solution for enhancing the availability of good quality cooking fuel in the State as well as a solution to the waste disposal problem, which is drastically affecting environmental balances. The activities in this area comprise of biogas and nitrogen rich manure generation from organic waste products of agriculture, animal husbandry and domestic sectors.

National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP)

NBMMP is a programme launched by the Bio Energy Technology Development Group of the Central Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) with the objectives of increasing the availability of good quality gaseous cooking fuel for reducing the demand for LPG and other costly conventional fuels and to increase the availability of bio-fertilizer/ organic manure to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers; ultimately aiming to reduce the drudgery of rural women and the pressure on forests preventing carbon emissions and mitigating Climate Change.

Details of Achievements (first phase completed) -- Details of 550 beneficiaries covered under NBMMP for the year 2011-12

Family Type Biogas Plants State Scheme 2011-12 - List of Beneficiaries

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