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Solar Connect” Grid connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant Programme 2016-17

Solar photovoltaic power plants of capacity 2kW to 100kW

Click here to download Application form and guidelines (archived)

Click here to download List of qualified agencies for the programme, with price for each configuration (updated 24-Mar-2017),
click here for their contacts details (updated 3-Mar-2017), and
click here for empanelment number of the agencies (updated 21-Feb-2017)

Click here to download Districts allowed for each agency to operate in (updated 21-Feb-2017)

Click here to view the list of Empanelled technical resource person (updated 05-Oct-2017)

Approved components

Formats and process guidelines for implementation - Solar Connect 2016-17

  1. Process guidelines
  2. Format for letter from beneficiary to ANERT District Office, for allotment of registration number
  3. Format for allotment of registration number
  4. Format for Work Order
  5. Format for agreement between empanelled agency and beneficiary
  6. Format for certification by beneficiary
  7. Format for commissioning report
  8. Format for authorisation by beneficairy for subsidy-release
  9. Format for Display Board
  10. Format for joint inspection report (updated 8-Feb-2017)
  11. Format for undertaking by beneficiary on tilt-angle

Click here to view the Solar Smart (off-grid) 2016-17 programme details

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