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Small Hydro Potential - Pathanamthitta District

Sl.No Name of Site Riverbasin Local Body (GP/Mun) Block Panchayat
1 Appoppanthodu ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
2 Chappani ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
3 Charupara ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
4 Kottampara ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
5 Meenmutty ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
6 Mesthirikana ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
7 Nellikkappara ACHENKOVIL Aruvapulam Konni
8 Mannera, Vadakkekara, Puthenvilayil padi PAMPA Thannithodu Konni
9 Meenmutty -1 Manneera ACHENKOVIL Thannithodu Konni
10 Meenmutty -2 Manneera ACHENKOVIL Thannithodu Konni
11 Palelumannil PAMPA Thannithodu Konni
12 Parayilpadi, Poochakulam, Thekkuthodu PAMPA Thannithodu Konni
13 Poochakulam Thadipalampadi - 1 PAMPA Thannithodu Konni
14 Poochakulam Thadipalampadi – 2 PAMPA Thannithodu Konni
15 Kannaruvi PAMPA Chittar Ranni
16 Manpilavu PAMPA Chittar Ranni
17 Padayanipara PAMPA Chittar Ranni
18 Kochukulam Erattkunnu PAMPA Naranammoozhy Ranni
19 Panamkudantha Aruvi PAMPA Naranammoozhy Ranni
20 Poopallithodu PAMPA Naranammoozhy Ranni
21 Arppoompara PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
22 Carmel College 1 PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
23 Carmel College 2 PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
24 Erappan para PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
25 Kappithanaruvi PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
26 Kochethupara PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
27 Oottupara PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
28 Valiavalavu Laha PAMPA Ranni Perunad Ranni
29 Kottakuzhi PAMPA Seethathodu Ranni
30 Kottamanpara PAMPA Seethathodu Ranni
31 Mundanpara PAMPA Seethathodu Ranni
32 Urumbini PAMPA Seethathodu Ranni
33 Arayanparathodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
34 Ezhupathettekkar thodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
35 Nellussery Parathodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
36 Oropoyikathodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
37 Panni Aruvi PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
38 Valliyamkayamthodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni
39 Varuchalthodu PAMPA Vechuchira Ranni



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